We All Recommending And Promoting

Network marketing is recommending and promoting the things we like to other people.

We are networkers and everyone else does this activity almost every day. Networking is a natural skill that every one of you already has! In network marketing, we collect residual income for doing what we do every day. Let me give you an example of daily networking by going to town?

Let’s Go To Town.

Nomsa take her uncle to the local town to buy some handbag. After looking at many wonderful handbag stores, she says, “Oh, I don’t know. They all look sort of nice. But, the colors esh! it will not goes with my shoes.”

Shoes? I thought we are for shopping for handbag said uncle. I didn’t know you aren’t allowed to buy handbags unless they match with shoes.

Nomsa’s Uncle he did not want handbag shopping experience to take longer, so he ask the handbag salesperson, “Where is a good store to look for shoes in town?” She replies, “Oh, there are many good shoes stores, but the one next to Mr Price with the brown Poster of shoes over the door it is awesome. I go there most of the time it is shoes buyer’s wonderland.”

Nomsa and his uncle are off to the shoes store, based upon the recommendation of the handbags salesperson. And the shoes salesperson was right; this is an awesome shoes store. They spend 40 minutes just looking at shoes collection. And of course, Nomsa she hasn’t chosen shoes yet. Because Nomsa’s uncle he is getting hungry, he asked, “Why have you not chosen shoes yet?” Nomsa replied, “You just can’t pick Shoes you have to consider the clothes you will be wearing. The shoes shouldn’t clash with the clothes.”

Desperate for food, Nomsa’s uncle he ask the shoes salesperson, “Which store has the fastest selection of outfit for women?” The shoes salesperson replies, “Fastest?” “Yes” replied uncle “I am in a hurry. I am getting hungry, too.”

The Shoes salesperson quickly recommends other clothing store behind Clicks. So, there were off to look clothing store based upon the shoes salesperson’s recommendation. They pass McDonalds the fast food company.

No one has recommended food and Uncle he is getting hungrier. So he stop the lady wearing Shoprite uniform and ask, “Where can I get some quick good fast food except McDonalds and KFC? I am weak. I have been fasting for almost 4 hours.” The lady wearing Shoprite uniform recommends Wimpy.” Normsa’s Uncle off to get some real food at Wimpy.

Did you notice?

Every person that they talked to in town recommended something and didn’t get paid for it. Yes, most people do network marketing every day, but they fail to get paid for their recommending and promoting efforts.Can you relate? Recommend something to someone or someone recommending something to you. This is what network marketing looks like in real life. Everyone is recommending things. It is part of our nature to share information about resources that can help other people. We recommend, so is up to the prospect to decide if our recommendation will serve him or not. This is a recommendation, not an order!

You should make decisions based upon what is happening in Your live, so don’t feel offended if prospects don’t like the BBQ Double Meal you recommended from Mcdonalds because they are allergic to 16.6 Saturated Fat. Don’t take it personally if a prospect hates shopping at Woolworths lets them go to their favorite Shoprite.

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Remember “WE don’t convince anyone to join, We Educate & Inform”

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