Does Elamant Work In Zimbabwe?

Do the words hyperinflation, diaspora, poverty, unemployment, debt, but most importantly – black tax, mean anything to you? The one word that weighs heavily on my soul as a millennial, firstborn child is black tax. Black tax is a colloquial term used to describe how young, black people are expected to give financial support to their siblings, parents, and or extended family. This can cause distress as it usually means they are left with no savings after having to share their earnings with their entire family. Thus making it rather difficult to invest in order to multiply their income and in turn, stagnates their economic growth.

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How To Make Money With Your Shopping Receipts.

The intriguing world of Data Collection. A foreign concept to most common folk, but a very lucrative notion to the one percent. For those of you who find this topic rather baffling, let me enlighten you. I am going to tell you about my journey into the field of digitized market research, and how something as trivial as a shopping receipt can make you money.

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