Elamant beginners guide

if you have just joined Elamant there could be very confusing things. Should I say confusing? There could be some questions you may have. This guide will help get to the resources that will help you get answers much faster. 

My article is broken down into 2 parts. The first part is where you can get information about Elamant so that you have some of your burning questions answered. The second part is how you can access some bonuses we have prepared for you just to say thank you for joining our team.

Let’s start with where you can get Elamant resources that will help you understand how it works.

Don’t try to figure things out on your own. Go through these resources and you are covered, this will save you a lot of time. A good example is a friend who joined Elamant just because he didn’t go through this info he made a lot of mistakes. Don’t be like him.

The Quickest Way to Understand Elamant as a Beginner.

Go through these three resources:

1. Member Policies & Procedures.


2. Privacy Policy.


3. Terms of Us.



Online Elamant Presentation Every Day at 6pm.

Our team hosts online presentations every single day. The presentation is aimed at educating new members about how Elamant works. 


Elamant Video Tutorials.

We have done some videos sharing how to use the Elamant website. Visit our youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe for more upcoming videos.


Elamant Team Blog.

If you prefer reading tan watching videos we have done some articles that can be helpful.


Our Team’s Facebook Group.

Our team always shares some updates on our Facebook group. 



Elamant Official Facebook Group.

Elamant official Facebook group for updates from Elamant CEO Ryan Evans


Elamant Updates on the Blog.


Find People to Join Elamant.

Use this social media platform to find people to join Elamant CLICK HERE.

Your bonuses for joining our team

1-Our Active Members WhatsApp.

Our team has an active members WhatsApp group for people that have paid their Elamant subscription, Make sure you speak to your sponsor and add you there.

2-Elamant Online Marketing Bootcamp.

This is a private training that you can deploy in addition to the marketing efforts you are doing to grow your Elamant business. As long as you are part of our team it’s yours 100% free and you can access it here https://www.internetproclub.com/courses/elamant-online-marketing-bootcamp/ get in touch with Kuda (+263-77-340-2900) for FREE access. This training will change the way you do business online.

3-Bitcoin for Beginners Course.

If you are part of Elamant you will hear a lot of people talk about bitcoin. If you are new to bitcoin then this beginner course is a must. You will learn all you need about bitcoin. You can access the training here https://www.internetproclub.com/courses/bitcoin-for-beginners/ This is a paid course. But if you are part of our team get hold of Kuda (+263773402900) for free access.


We have done a webpage for every one of our team members FREE of charge. This is one of the best marketing tools that you need. See how they look here.



With this information as a beginner, you will have more understanding of how Elamant works. If I missed anything please leave a comment below.

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