The Importance of Teamwork in Elamant! 

Been a member of Elamant for just a month and this is the first time I have ever experienced teamwork and mentorship. Thanks to our team

6 must read Elamant business success tips 

The tips that will help you have success in elamant business. Going though this will help you on the critical things you need to know about elamant

GetR5000.00 Bonus from elamant this January 

receive a Founders Bonus of R5000! (estimated about $350 USD)

R9000.00 from Elamant in my first month without recruiting 

Elamant has just put a smile on my face with earning R9000.00 within my first month without recruiting anyone. In this article I will share just that

Steps to Present Elamant Business with a 1 paged website 

One of the best methods to share your network marketing business opportunity is to use the free resources available online to create a simple one-page website

Elamant team-building strategy 

It is optional to recruit within elamant. If you choose to recruit you have more benefits. The video below shares a method that our team is using to grow...

Ryan Evans-100 people R1500.00each for watching facebook live 

Having attended a number of facebook lives. This facebook live by Ryan Evans has a difference. Attending these events will make you want to never miss any upcoming facebook live events from elamant. Today I will share a story of how I got R1500.00 for attending facebook live. This was given to the first 100 ... Read more Elamant: Time Reporting

Elamant Presentation PDF 

Download elamant Presentation PDF. This presentation covers the elamant company overview Watch the video presentation below

What is elamant & how does it work? 

ELAMANT is a membership Club registered in Singapore in 2017 and it operates Globally. It's a data collection company. It offers various benefits, which amongst other things include, *Data rewards *Travel benefits *Compensation plan Here at Elamant, we upload receipts, from any shop or retailers, for 30 days and get paid R3000 on monthly basis ... Read more Elamant: Time Reporting