What are the deposit methods used in Elamant? 

Elamant pass, bitcoin, credit, or visa card are the methods used to deposit on elamant. In this article, I explained how they all work...

How to login to elamant account. 

Steps to login to elamant account. We have covered all you need t know about login in t your elamant membership website. These steps can save you time


When I came across Elamant advert some months ago, i was puzzled can this really be true? but I took my time and did a research on ELAMANT

What is ELAMANT? 

It is a Global membership, data company that specializes on point of sale (POS) data collection (in the form of receipts)

3 places to get elamant leads online 

Here are 3 great places to get elamant leads online. If you need to grow your elamant team these resources can be helpful. I have been using these...

How to make money with receipts/till slips in Nigeria 

If you live in Nigeria and want to know how you can make money from your shopping activities. This article will break down how you can participate in data..

Does Elamant Work In Zimbabwe? 

Wondering if Elamant works in Zimbabwe. I will share my experiance with elamant in zimbabwe. I have been a member for a few months now...

Elamant Compensation Program Explained 

Who doesn’t want to be compensated for work done excellently? Imagine a company that will not only do this but do this at the minimalist of efforts from its members.

How To Make Money With Your Shopping Receipts. 

The intriguing world of Data Collection. A foreign concept to most common folk, but a very lucrative notion to the one percent