Elamant an Income Opportunity for People in South Africa 

Unemployment in South Africa is not just a matter of facts and figures, people’s dreams are shattered. Men, women, and youths of different social background are in shock. Unemployment is real a tremendous burden. Especially now where many companies are affected by covid-19, and this will continue to put many out of work for a ... Read more Elamant: Time Reporting

Elamant Free Trail & Premium Membership Explained 

What happens when you create a free trial elamant account? This article explains the diferent types of membership on elamant and how they work

Elamant Receipts that are Eligible for Data Rewards 

Here is information you need to know about the elamant Receipts that are Eligible for Data Rewards. Next time you upload have this in mind

How to upload receipts on the Elamant membership website. 

Elamant is a market research company. They focus their data collection through Point-of-Sale slips/receipts. Elamant collects our receipt data for target marketing.

How to do weekly time reports for Elamant. 

As part of the unique and innovative Elamant compensation program, all members that rank as Consultants and above need to do weekly time reports. Consultants are paid for the services they provide for the company and compensated at an hourly rate. Like other careers in traditional businesses, the more responsibility you have, you should get ... Read more Elamant: Time Reporting

What is an Elamant member ID used for? 

ID is the abbreviation used for Identification/identity. The Elamant membership ID, like your national ID, is unique to every individual. It is not only used to verify who you are, but other thing as well that we will discuss in this article. Once you have logged in to your account, the page will open onto ... Read more Elamant: Time Reporting

Steps to using epass to register on Elamant. 

Steps to register an account on elamant website using an epass. The process in explained in detail in this guide. Make sure you have your leaders to assist

Make Use of What You Know To Make Money 

Normsa, she lives with her two children, she is getting grant from government for her children but is not enough. How could she cover the cost of her children’s school fees, stationary and clothing as well as food for them? She says to her herself, I would have to find a job. But where? Doing ... Read more Elamant: Time Reporting

Is recruiting in Elamant hard? I say NO! 

If you are having a hard time recruiting in elamant. In this article, I share some of the basic principles that you need to master.