Elamant: Time Reporting 

Why are my Consultant hours declined? The importance of Time Reporting, and doing it accurately while at it. To avoid mishaps. As a Consultant you have a contracted responsibility to record and report the hours that you spend helping your team members and company by supporting, educating, and training. Quality of work Please understand that ... Read more Elamant: Time Reporting

The quest for knowledge and its value to Elamant. 

Profit margins = bottom line. If there was an entity that could guarantee them faster, I bet you a billion-dollar industry that that peaks your interest!

Week1: Elamant birthday promotions explained. 

Understand how the week 1 Elamant promotion for inactive mebers works. IN this article we have treid to break down in simple terms.

Elamant Redemption Steps 

You will NOT be credited data points if you do not upload receipts; you will also NOT be credited data points if you upload receipts that do not meet the

We All Recommending And Promoting 

Network marketing is recommending and promoting the things we like to other people. We are networkers and everyone else does this activity almost every day. Networking is a natural skill that every one of you already has! In network marketing, we collect residual income for doing what we do every day. Let me give you an example of daily networking ... Read more Elamant: Time Reporting

Elamant beginners guide 

New to elamant? this answers most of your burning questions. Written with the elamant members that are just getting started in mind.

Courage is more valuable than capital 

A friend of mine knew about elamant 4 months ago but he didn't have money to join then. I checked with him weeks back and he said:..

Subscription in Elamant explained 

Elamant is a Membership Benefits Company that provides many values within its platform. Travel experiences (coming soon), Cashback from..

Elamant Data Rewards Program Explained 

Elamant rewards its members for shopping experiences. This article explains how the process works in order to benefit from the program